Good advice after surgery

Through the transparent stoma bags that are used in the hospital, you can easily see the stoma at any time. With the help of a nurse you will learn how to empty, or change the bag and how to nourish the skin around the stoma. The initial difficulties can occur, but with patience, these procedures can be adopted relatively quickly. In the first months of the stoma it is regularly swollen, therefore it is necessary to use bags with a larger opening than later.


When the chair is rare, the skin is more exposed to irritation and the risk of damage is increased. The cause of diarrhea can be stomach ailments or simple intestinal inflammation. It is also possible that diarrhea is caused by medicines and consumed food. In order to compensate for the fluid lost due to diarrhea, it is necessary to take more fluids. Do not take angry, spicy foods, fruits, vegetables and fruit juices. If this condition persists, contact your doctor. In the case of diarrhea, it is only recommended to use empty bags. In this way you can protect the skin from the chair in the liquid state and skin problems due to the excessive replacement of the bags.


If the chair is firm, the general mood is not good, and it can cause pain. Some foods such as oranges, walnuts, asparagus and mushrooms tend to be digestible, may cause delays, so you should consider consuming them.
In the case of prison, recommending taking lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
More attention should be paid to entering the correct amount of liquid (daily 2 - 3 liters more often in smaller quantities). You can also help body work. If the prison lasts longer, contact your doctor.

Smelly urine

If you find that despite the intake of the correct amount of fluid, the urine in the urosomal bag is not transparent, it is already cloudy or if the freshly emptied urine from the stoma smells, then it is possible that it is a word of inflammation and contact a doctor.

Other irregularities

Often it happens that when cleaning the stoma or replacing the lining of the mucous membrane, it mildly bleeds. If you make more severe bleeding, contact your doctor without delay. Some stomach complications: • stoma can be beneath the surface of the skin, making it more difficult to attach the bag • stoma sources more than usual (prolapses) • if the abdominal wall around the stomach is weak, a hernia may develop • the opening of the stoma is very narrow and enters the abdominal wall . Fortunately, these problems do not occur often, but they interfere with the care of the stomach. If you notice any changes in the stoma and areas around the stoma, contact your doctor.


Skin problems

If the contents of the gut, that is, the urine for a long time in contact with skin, it irritates and can damage the skin. Therefore, the skin around the stoma should be kept clean and dry. If the skin around the stoma is irritated and red, the stoma requires more careful care.

Carefully remove the base plate. Gently clean the skin with all the impurities from the skin. Gasoline or diluent must not be used to clean the skin, avoid colored and scented soaps.

You can treat the cleaned skin surface with skin care products that do not prevent adhesion

underwear tiles aids. (see page 19 Critic Barrier Skin Protection Cream). If you feel that the bag has missed, replace it as soon as possible. Make sure the opening of the bag corresponds to the size of the stoma. Cut the hole in the size that suits you.

Exact setting and sealing allows staple pastes. It does not serve as an adhesive, but fills up irregularities due to scarring, wrinkles or incisors. The paste is applied to the skin, it is smooth and when the hardening can be glued to the base plate.